What We Do


  • Drupal Services


    Iniment provides a full spectrum of Drupal services. Drupal is the world's most prominent open source CMS used by major organizations like banks, government agencies and academic institutions. As Iniment is a Ready Services Partner for Acquia (the leading international Drupal company), we depend on Drupal to develop and create high quality large scale enterprise projects, where we provide our clients with a set of specialized services for Drupal.

    • Drupal Implementations
    • Custom Module Development
    • Drupal Theming
    • Data migration
    • Performance optimization
  • Web Design

    We are dedicated to tailoring our clients' web products to their needs and objectives, mirroring their business as a whole to the web; we leverage our core design principles and experiences to create unique and innovative designs. We work towards one goal to design beautiful, usable and mind-blowing applications and websites.

  • Web Application Development

    Using a sophisticated set of technologies; our engineering team architects and develops applications ranging from e-commerce and community platforms to government and news portals, we engage our clients throughout the entire application development process including requirement engineering, UI/UX design, system architecture, and application development to assess our clients in reaching targeted segments’ needs. We provide our clients with a various set of functionalities and features that can be aligned & integrated with their strategies, which eventually reflect the uniqueness and competitive positioning of their business.

  • Wordpress Services

    We Provide Wordpress design & development services either as a blog engine or as a Content Management System(CMS) for websites, to help corporate & individual clients in building easy to use websites and blogs. Wordpress is used as core software for building thousands of websites around the world. Sometimes we like to take Wordpress to the limits by building some complex sites just to prove that simplicity and technology sophistication can be combined together.

  • Facebook App Development

    The ability to enhance Facebook presence & customer engagement involves more than just a basic information page. To further the engagement of your prospects, some creative interactive environments must exist; we develop such environments to function as powerful as any other web application except they are on Facebook, which gives you an exceptional boost in your marketing efforts and a more mature context of engagement.

  • Consultancy

    Our team will provide businesses with intensive and in-depth consultancy and evaluation regarding their websites and web platforms. Such web products will be subject to a vertical evaluation that ranges from usability and SEO evaluation to more in-depth technical evaluations that tackle topics like performance and architecture.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Customers nowadays search for new interests, discounts, promotions or solutions that you may provide. We will help you not miss the opportunity to have your brand in the forefront when a potential customer looks for one of the solutions you provide. We will provide your site with a full analysis to make sure that we are delivering the best.


  • Publishing


    With the emergence of new media platforms, traditional media is struggling more than ever to compete in the new norm. We provide our clients with powerful and user focused content management and publishing platforms designed & developed specifically for online publishers. 

    • Content Tools
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
    • Syndication tools
    • Engagement tools
    • WorkFlow for Editors
    • Monetization Tools
  • Education


    We provide our clients from the education sector with different solutions that enrich and enhance the Academic and Administrative processes and online presence. Combining multiple solutions can connect students with faculty, events, and interest groups to create a virtual campus experience.

    • Education portals
    • Academic Collaboration & Communication tools
    • E-learning platforms
    • Open Education platforms
    • Research & Academic
    • institutions websites


  • Intranets And Social Collaboration


    As organizations are moving into more collaborative business environments with employees and clients, we provide our clients with fully customized solutions that their goals and strategies. 

    • Partner Extranets
    • Support Communities & portals
    • Fan Communities
    • Social Intranets
    • Ideation Networks
  • CRM

    We provide our clients with implementation services for the latest technologies in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) packed with innovative business and customer engagement strategies which will help the clients to listen to their customers and engage them across
    several social networks in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value.